Box Making Workshops

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Have you wanted to make a box for a special collection? Now you can!

Box Making Workshops


Box Making Workshops are available through out the year. Decorative boxes, or an archival, light- and dust-free box are some possibilities for this workshop. The workshop can take from four to ten+ hours to complete, depending upon the complexity and custom nature of the project. 


Using traditional bookbinding materials and tools, the box is built from archival binder's board, PVA, rice paper and paper. A simple box structure should take about 4 hours to make and decorate with book cloth and/or decorative papers.

Custom Boxes: If the box is for a particular item or collection, please bring the it with you, so a custom box can built to fit them. If you are not able to bring the collection, please take exact measurement of their height, width and depth. Please phone or email for instructions of how to measure the item, and to discuss your custom project.

Class Size: limited to a maximum of 3 participants so that you will receive lots of one-on-one instruction. 

Current Workshops: by appointment.

Level: Intermediate to Experienced. 

Not for the novice bookbinder. Previous book/box making and good manual dexterity is most helpful for taking this class. Making boxes is very exacting work. Careful measuring and gluing is necessary to have a neat and tidy end result.

Age Recommendation: Teen through adult.

Time: 4 to 10+ hours depending upon project desired


Group Classes: $45 per person per hour, for groups more than one.

Private classes: $75 per person per hour.


Phone or email for pricing and availability.


Please contact Patricia to register for workshops:

    P: 802.365.4111


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