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Handmade at Still Water Bindery

Each etui is handmade at Still Water Bindery in Vermont - these are not an import. Every etui is carefully designed, and the materials are painstakingly chosen to complement each other. The vintage buttons are chosen to match the colors and textures of the silks and ribbon used.

Large sheets of archival binder's board are cut to size, covered with book cloth, silk, ribbon and padding to create individual pillows that hold a variety of sewing needles and a thimble. Traditional bookbinding techniques are used to construct the box. The petals fall open when the lid is taken off the top to the surprise and delight of all that open the plain rectangular shaped box. A printed diagram is housed in the lid that describes the various needles and their uses. Each etui has over 80 individual pieces and takes about 40 hours to construct. These are a labor of love!

Custom etui: Etui can be made with your supplied fabrics and buttons. These would be a perfect bride's gift for starting her home. It could be made from her wedding and brides maids dress fabrics, or from family heirloom fabrics or those collected abroad from a special trip. Please contact Patricia to discuss your special needs.

In Stock: The items pictured below are in stock. If you wish to have another color or button, please contact Patricia with your request.

Measurement: approximately 3.25" wide x 4.375" high x 3.25" deep

Cost per item: $250

Shipping: $15 (continental USA)

In stock items usually ship within 3 business days.

Please contact Patricia about the time frame for custom etui.

Please inquire about shipping costs outside the continental USA.

    P: 802.365.4111


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