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Handmade journals are made at Still Water Bindery in Vermont. The items below are in stock are ready to ship.

Custom journals can be made to order with various stocks for a variety of uses, from journals to painting and pastels. Please inquire regarding what is available.

The covers can be made with heavy stock or with covered archival binder's board in a size of your choice. 

Custom Orders: made to order from your materials or choice of colors.

Measurement: various

Cost per item: various

In stock items usually ship within 3 business days.

Contact Patricia about custom orders.

Please inquire about shipping costs outside the continental USA.

    P: 802.365.4111



Soft Cover - Exposed Sewing - Journal with Printed Pages

The following journals have printed calendar pages for 12 months. They are timeless and one would write in the year and dates. Or they could be used for 12 various projects or trips. There are additional plain and lined pages. The colored cover stock surrounding each signature can be used like a scrapbook for keeping various mementos. The inside front cover has a pocket and several business card pockets.

In Stock: The items pictured below are in stock. If you wish to have another color, please contact Patricia with your request.

Measures approximately: 8.5" h x 5.625" w x 1" d

Cost: as marked below

Shipping: $15 (continental USA)

In stock items usually ship within 3 business days.

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