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Colors . . . textiles . . . wool . . . silk . . . design . . . all wrapped together. The artist book "Kaffee" uses recycled calendar pages as its signatures. This little accordion is inspired by the sequence of colors when opening or spreading the signatures of this triangular shaped hard cover book. The book is made from silk book cloth, archival binder's board, linen thread and calendar pages. There is no written text in this book.

I hope you "play" with the accordion book and let the sculpture stand in various open positions.

There is only one item - this is a unique book.

Measurements: 7.5" h x 4" w x 1.5" D

Cost: $200

Shipping: $20 (continental USA)

Item usually ships within 3 business days.

Please inquire about shipping costs outside the continental USA.

    P: 802.365.4111


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