Eco Print

Blank Greeting Cards

with Envelope

Each Eco Print is an unique mono print made with the help of Mother Nature. I collected various flora from my garden and surrounding woodlands, and then sandwich the botanicals between 140 lb. watercolor paper and boiled the stack of prints in water.


Once cool, it is like magic to reveal the various prints the flowers and leaves and seed pods have left. The reveal is so amazing. I used various old dye vats to color the water as well, so there are various hues to the prints depending upon the boil vat.​

As each print is unique, I have shown a sampling of cards available. Please let me choose one for you, or email me if you have specific requests of coloration or named plants.

Measurement: Card is ~ 4.5" w x 6" h with a blank A-6 Envelope

Cost per item: $8 each card

Shipping: $2 (within the continental USA)

The cards are shipped in a flat envelope via the USPS.

Items usually ship within 3 business days.

Please inquire about shipping costs outside the continental USA.

    P: 802.365.4111


The Eco Print Cards below are for sale.

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